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Hatfield-McCoy Trail

Check out The Hatfield-McCoy Trail videos below to learn more about the different trails in in Welch, WV and in the surrounding towns of Gary and War, WV.

The Warrior Trail

Almost Heaven ATV Resort is only 1 mile from The Warrior Trail. The trail ride travels through Welch, Gary, and War, West Virginia which makes it one of the most popular trails in the Hatfield-McCoy Trail system.

The Warrior Trail System, which also connects with the Pinnacle Creek, Indian Ridge and Pocahontas trail systems, is located in the City of War which is West Virginia’s most southern city. This trail system also accesses the ATV-friendly City of Gary. The Warrior Trail System offers numerous scenic views and has direct access to gas, foods and lodging.

Rockhouse Trail

Enjoy an extreme riding experience on the Rock House Trail System! Rockhouse Trail System offers a wide variety of trails at all difficulty levels. It is especially popular with riders who are looking for an “Extreme” riding experience. The Rock House Trail System offers over 100 miles of trails with direct access to the towns of Man and Gilbert.

Pocahontas Trail

It all begins with Mercer County’s Pocahontas trailhead in historic Bramwell. Pocahontas Trail System links up to three other Hatfield- McCoy Trail Systems—Indian Ridge, Pinnacle Creek and Warrior— making for the most continuous miles of trails east of the Mississippi. This trail system has direct access to gas, food and lodging.

Pinnacle Creek Trail

Pinnacle Creek is one of the longest trails in the Hatfield-McCoy trail system, approximately 70 total miles, and connects with the towns of Mullens and Pineville. This trail system is known for its breathtaking scenic views and proximity to world-class whitewater rafting and snow skiing. 

Devil Anse Trail

Devil Anse Trail System is connected to two other Hatfield McCoy Trail Systems, Rockhouse and Buffalo Mountain. There is over totaling over 300 miles of trails. Interestly enough, the trailhead is located in the town of Matewan, historically known for being the heart of the Hatfield McCoy Feud. The trail system has direct access to gas, food and lodging.

Indian Ridge Trail

Indian Ridge Trail is one of the newest trails in the system.  There are about 63 miles of trails, and trail permits have be obtainted before you get there. This Trail System also has a trail connector that links to the Pinnacle Creek Trail System and the Pocahontas Trail System.

This trail offers a nice variety of trails for all difficulty levels and some beautiful scenic views on the mountaintops that will take your breath away!

Buffalo Mountain Trail

Buffalo Mountain trail has about 95 miles of winding and challenging trails through the deep forest of WV.  There are nearby towns to gas up and get food during your ride. It’s known as the most historic trail system, as well as the one with the most single track trails, making it incredibly popular with dirt bike enthusiasts. 

Bearwallow Trail

Bearwallow is one of the 3 original Hatfield-McCoy trails. Located near the town of Logan, WV, Bearwallow has some of the most difficult rated trails on its single track. It does have a mix of easy riding and scenic environments on the trail. However, there is easy access to food and gas in Logan.

Experience the Thrill of the Hatfield-McCoy Trails!

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