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Welch, WV in McDowell County


Welch, WV

Welch, WV is located in McDowell County which is located on the most southern tip of West Virginia. McDowell County was created in 1858 by the Virginia General Assembly and named for Virginia Governor James McDowell. It became a part of West Virginia in 1863, when several counties seceded from the state of Virginia during the American Civil War.​

Here is an interesting fact about Welch, is that Sid Hatfield who was the Police Chief of Matewan was shot and killed in front of the McDowell County Welch Courthouse. There is a very interesting movie called “Matewan” that was made in 1987 about it.

Another interesting fact about Welch! While running for President, John F. Kennedy visited McDowell County and was seen standing from an office window waving at the people below at The Welch Newspaper that is still in operation today.

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Welch, WV

Did You Know?

  • First Public Playground
    Using private donations in 1913, the first public playground in West Virginia was constructed across the street from the Mcdowell County Courthouse until 1930

  • Professional Baseball
    The Cincinnati Reds played an official Major League Baseball game in the City of Welch!

  • Coal Production
    In 1960 Welch was the #1 coal producer in the U.S. in which is pushed the population in Mcdowell County over 100,00.

  • Steve Harvey
    The famous comedian and actor, most notably known for hosting The Family Feud was born in Welch, WV in 1957

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